The SiMON support homepage is the main portal to help you answer all of your questions about our software products. As for now, you can contact us with:

If you have a question about SiMON, whether it is about your system configuration or how to use the program (user interface problems, misunderstood features, etc.), visit the official international forum on

Before posting a question, however, check if it (or a similar request) has already appeared (you can find out by searching the forum). If you find a similar forum topic, even if it does not completely match your own request, post a response under the existing topic and add more details to your original question. Duplicating forum topics is extremely inefficient and wastes everyone's time.

To get help, make your question as clear and specific as possible. Please include all technical information about your hardware (CPU, Controllers, HDDs, etc.) and software (ex. operation system and version of iMON manager). Also, please be polite—the people answering questions are doing so in their spare time.

Be as precise as possible when describing the bug. As explained above, a good description saves a lot of time and the problem can be quickly corrected. Once the bug has been corrected, you will be notified of the solution in the forum and by e-mail. You can even correct the bug yourself or you can wait for the next version of SiMON. Thank you in advance for your help!

Please be patient, we are doing our best to provide technical support with SiMON plugin.