About SiMON

SiMON (Smart iMON) is a dll application that extends iMON manager software in order to monitor SMART/CPU temperatures with your VFD/LCD 16x2 indicator. It keeps the original functionality of native iMON.

Software features

  • Fixes for Windows 8
  • Fixes for dialog behaviour under AERO
  • PWM: Fan calibration mechanism for QST/IT87 added
  • PWM Fan control for IT87**
  • CPU load method improved
  • MCP68 GPU (NVidia 7050/630a) temperature readings
  • Intel QST temperature and Fan speed readings
  • CPU Fan speed readings via EC, IT87** chips family (x86, x64)
  • ATI GPU temperatures support
  • NVidia GPU temperatures support
  • CPU load improved
  • AMD Phenom, family 0x10 support
  • S.M.A.R.T. health monitoring
  • some types of SCSI and USB drives support
  • e-mail check, up to 10 accounts (POP3, IMAP, SSL)
  • config settings GUI
  • static mode display
  • CPU and memory usage display
  • VFD/LCD support
  • AMD and Intel core temperatures support
  • AMD Brisbane offsets to correct accuracy of core sensors
  • Built-in APM manager which allows stand-by mode for HDD drives along with SMART
  • Adjustable show delay period
  • Adjustable update prompt period
  • Panel timer to turn on/off display on schedule
  • Overheat alarm/action
  • Vista x64 driver workaround
  • FanMate hardware feature
  • Cyrillic fonts VFD support (displayed in upper case only)

Tested with

  • Windows XP x86, x64, Vista x86, x64, Win7 x64, Win8 x64
  • iMON manager 6.01.0202, 7.20.0502, 7.40.0806б, 7.60.0521, 7.61.0522,
  • 7.77.1022, 7.78.1125, 7.80.1224, 7.85.0222, 7.86.0414, 7.87.0524, 7.89.0622,
  • 8.00.0408

Confirmed hardware

  • GMC Noblesse AV-S1 (VFD)
  • Antec Fusion (LCD)
  • Silverstone LASCALA LC16B-MR (VFD)
  • Thermaltake BACH (VFD)
  • Thermaltake Media LAB (VFD)
  • Silverstone MFP51 (LCD)